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Curiositas is the creation of Fred Pratt, a veteran newspaper journalist who outlived his profession and now employs this Web site as an outlet for the products of his curiosity. We hope to involve more associates in the future.

The founder was a public affairs journalist for more than 30 years in Alaska and Washington D.C. His specialties ranged from the natural resources industry to complex financial and legal issues such as the Alaska Permanent Fund and the Alaska Mental Health Trust.

Since leaving full-time journalism in 2000 Mr. Pratt has divided his time among residences in Costa Rica, Paris, Madrid, Florence, Ann Arbor, MI, Fairbanks, AK, and Chicago.

During that time he has studied art history at the Louvre and in Florence, and attended seminars, lectures and conferences at various universities, including the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, Northwestern University, the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the University of Illinois Chicago.

These subjects primarily include geology, particle physics, climate science, public affairs, archeology and anthropology.

Mr. Pratt is a reader at the Newberry Library in Chicago, where he spends one day a week researching original accounts of French explorers in North America during the 1600s. He recently completed a long review of three versions of the journals of Henri Joutel, and is now focusing on the Jesuit missionary Claude Allouez.

He is also a member of the Art Institute of Chicago museum and attends lectures and gallery talks regularly.


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